The Governor of Southern Province, Fidele Ndaysaba, lifts the trophy after his province won the Good Governance soccer tournament held at the end of the 7th National Dialogue. Looking on is the Senate president, Dr Vincent Biruta.
By Edmund Kagire

PARLIAMENT – The just concluded 7th National Dialogue has come up with several recommendations to be implemented in the coming year.

Concerned Ministries including MINICOFIN, MINALOC, MINALOC and MININTER asked to coordinate and put to use TIG members that have not  served their community services to deploy them immediately.

Work should be directed towards activities to fight soil erosion in all 30 districts including construction of terraces and tree planting where terraces can’t be built. Implementation of this should not be later than January 2010.

MINICOM, MINICOFIN, MINALOC and Provinces will implement Umurenge SACCO savings scheme by mobilising the masses to join the programme, with leaders and Bank Populaire setting the pace.

MINIFRA was requested to reclaim all abandoned government buildings and put them to proper use.
MINAGRI will carry out research, identify and find solutions to diseases hampering production of Passion fruits and Bananas as soon as possible.

MINAGRI, MINICOFIN, BNR and Provinces were directed to carry out reforms in the Agriculture Guarantee Fund and mobilise farmers to take advantage of it, explaining how the fund works and the benefits. Local Government leaders urged to facilitate farmers to access credit.

MINICOM, MINICOFIN, RDB and Private Sector asked to consolidate the country’s performance in doing business and good customer care value to even raise the country ranking in the 2011 World Bank Doing Business report.

Social Welfare and Good Governance
Leaders at all levels of governance were urged to focus on societal benefits rather than promoting selfish interests. This should include leadership that is close to the people and seeking solutions that promote quick development.
Governance levels should brief the masses on all programmes that promote their well being so that they can own them.

MININTER and Traffic Police were urged to implement the Automobile Technical Control Centre.

All concerned levels to implement the 2008 recommendations on the implementation of MDG’s and Vision 2020 that haven’t been met as soon as possible.
Concerned Ministries ordered to return all cows under the Girinka Programme that were given to people who did not merit them with immediate effect and distribute them on to the needy, and all leaders who conspired in this act be brought to book.

MINEDUC, MIGEPROF, MINIYOUTH and MININTER asked to prepare laws that protect children from alcohol and use of drugs like Marijuana, prostitution and also making it an obligation for parents to monitor their children from acts like drug abuse and dropping out of school.

MINEDUC, MINALOC, MINICOFIN, Kigali City and Provinces to fast tract the national programme to construct 3,000 classrooms and 10,000 toilets to facilitate the 9 Year Basic Education Programme by January 2010.

Rwandans urged to shun all cultures and practices that impede development and replace them with traditional Rwandan values, and among them, exorbitant weddings beyond the financial capacity of the concerned people.

MINAFFET, MININFOR, Itorero and NURC to implement initiatives to wipe out the Genocide ideology that is still prevalent in the Rwandan Diaspora by availing them with information and images of what is happening in Rwanda in terms of unity and reconciliation.

Recovery of lost building materials meant for the construction of houses for the needy with immediate effect, and bringing to book all those involved in the scam. Umuganda and Army commended for providing shelter to the needy.


Judicial institutions must coordinate efforts to mobilise the masses to respond to Gacaca Courts to facilitate its winding up slated for January 2010.

Compensate all people who lost their property during the Genocide as directed by Gacaca Courts with immediate effect.

MINIJUST urged to initiate efforts with the international community to adopt laws that punish all those who negate the Genocide. Spur efforts to pursue Genocide suspects hiding in different countries.

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