Ambassador Amandin Rugira (L) with President Joseph Kabila after the former presented his credentials. (Courtsey Photo)

KIGALI – The President of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Joseph Kabila has called for greater cooperation between his country and Rwanda especially in designing projects of joint interest to both countries.

He said this while receiving credentials of Rwanda’s new Ambassador to DRC Amandin Rugira.

Speaking to The New Times, from Kinshasa, Ambassador Rugira said that he discussed regional development projects like methane gas exploitation, joint railway links and fiber optics with the President.

“We discussed much on development projects – I told him about the possible of a joint railway link once it lands in Rwanda and he was interested. He told me about prospects of the DRC also benefiting from the fiber optic cable,” Rugira said.

Kabila urged the envoy to focus on the advancement of projects under the Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (CEPGL), which brings together DRC, Rwanda and Burundi.

The President also urged the new envoy to work on the issue of the managing rumors, especially those related to the situation in the East.

“He wants us to work on removing endless rumours so that people get facts on issues and avoid conflict.”

The President guaranteed him full support as he conducts his duties and personally requested him to work on enhancing good relations between the two countries.

“The ceremony was excellent – the President received me with great pleasure and I informed him that I had come to further enhance relations of our two countries. We discussed issues to do with looking into projects that can benefit our two countries’ people.”

“He told me that I have his full support in all these endeavors,” Ambassador Rugira said.

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