AT THE HELM; Christine Mukabunani after the party meeting yesterday in Kigali. (Photo; F. Goodman)

By Charles Kwizera


KIGALI – The embattled president of PS-Imberakuri, Bernard Ntaganda, has been removed the helm of the party for allegedly promoting divisionism and associating with


Ntaganda’s elimination was announced yesterday by the party’s vice president, Christine Mukabunane, at a gathering that attracted around 300 members from all over the country, who make up the party’s National Congress.

“We publicly declare that Bernard Ntaganda is no longer PS Imberakuri’s president from today,” Mukabunane said, drawing a round of applause from the members.

Mukabunane added that according to the party’s statute, a committee of three people will lead the party for 60 days, when they will gather again to elect another president.

The committee comprises Christine Mukabunane (vice president), Noel Hakizimfura (the former general secretary of the party) and Augustin Niyitegeka, the party’s representative in Kigali city.

PS Imberakuri suffered leadership wrangles shortly after it registered in July last year and broke up into two rival factions.

According to Hakizimfura, Ntaganda had already drifted from the party’s core mission and allied with people who have been causing insecurity in the country.

“It came to our attention that Ntaganda had signed an agreement with Deo Mushayidi who is being accused of causing insecurity in the country. That is not what the party sent him to do,” Hakizimfura said.

“Ntaganda harbours divisionism ideology which aims at taking the country back to where it was in the past,” he said.

He quoted Ntaganda as saying in a recent meeting that they are in a revolution like that one of 1959.
‘People who participated in the 1959 revolution looked like you and they were fearless just like you’, Hakizimfura quoted Ntaganda as saying.

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