Kagame assures nation of security

President Kagame emphasizing a point yesterday during a press conferencce. (Photo Urugwiro Village)
By Edmund Kagire

URUGWIRO VILLAGE – President Paul Kagame yesterday said that the country has the capacity to guarantee that the peace and security Rwandans have enjoyed for the last 16 years is not threatened.

He was reacting to questions from journalists during the monthly press conference at Urugwiro Village.

“A security incident will happen anywhere in this world, even in developed modern systems and countries where they have resources and capabilities,” Kagame said.

“In our case, with the modest capabilities and absolutely more than enough commitment, we are more than ready to use these modest capabilities to ensure that the country; the people of Rwanda are secure and safe.”

“The security forces of our country understand their obligations. They are not just reminded by incidents that take place, it is their responsibility. They are always ready to ensure that nothing happens, and if it happens, they deal with it,” Kagame told journalists.

He added that there is no need to ‘step up’ security because it is always ‘stepped up’, adding that Rwanda is relatively more peaceful than any other country in the region.

President Kagame said that the people behind recent grenade attacks, have intentions of denting Rwanda’s image of a secure country.

Commenting on Lt. Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, the former High Commissioner to India, who was this week linked by the Prosecution to the attacks, President Kagame said that Nyamwasa had been questioned about the explosions, on the basis of the evidence linking him to the incidents. The suspect has since fled the country to South Africa.

The President dismissed as ‘rumours’ allegations that he harbours personal differences with the renegade officers, Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegeya, attributing their troubles to the duo’s conspiracy against the country.

Kagame noted that there was strong evidence indicating that the former army officers have for long been involved in undercover plans to destabilise the country.

He added that there is also documented evidence that the two have been carrying out errands in the region aimed at causing insecurity.

“By the way, it is not South Africa alone. We are aware of other countries in the region where Karegeya has been travelling transacting these activities he is accused of with Kayumba. We will be addressing this matter … to ensure that these people who have such serious crimes don’t find sanctuary in any of these countries” Kagame said.



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