By Maria Kaitesi


First Lady Jeannette Kagame shares a light moment with children at Serena Hotel during a function to mark the Reading Day (Photo T.Kisambira).


Imbuto Foundation, yesterday, hosted the second annual Reading Day, under the theme, “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader.’

The event was presided over by the First Lady, Jeannette Kagame, the president of Imbuto Foundation.

The activity that is part of the events to mark the International Reading Day, attracted 200 primary school children. It aims at instilling a culture of reading and writing among children.

In her speech, the First Lady urged the children to engage in reading because it is the only way they would become resourceful citizens.

“It is our duty as parents, teachers and leaders, to ensure that our children have the tools to build their country; one of those very important tools is reading,” Mrs Kagame.

She said that reading builds knowledge, and knowledge builds self-confidence and leadership.

“These are the qualities we want our youth to have from the most basic educational level,” the First Lady said.

Children from six public and six private schools participated in the highly interactive session with Mrs Kagame, where she asked them what they learnt and what they will do with the knowledge.

She reminded them that reading will make them independent thinkers.The event was attended by among others, the Minister of Education, Charles Murigande and Jacques Adande, the UNICEF deputy Country Representative.

“We at UNICEF strongly believe that a love of reading should be fostered at a very young age. When we as parents read to toddlers, they develop a curiosity that translates into a lifelong love for learning,” Adande said.

“It’s important to produce reading material for children and it is not only the responsibility of the government,” he added.

The students took part in a reading and spelling competition that tested various aspects such as grammar, comprehension, general knowledge and skills.
The winners of the competition were awarded with laptops, school bags and other scholastic materials.

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