Senate President Vincent Biruta (R) and the Speaker of the lower chamber, Rose Mukantabana at yesterday’s Press Conference. (Photo/ J. Mbanda)

KIGALI – The Senate has revealed it might drag the new political party, PS Imberakuri, to court after the latter blatantly refused to answer accusations leveled against it before the Upper Chamber.

Addressing a joint press conference for both chambers of parliament, the president of the Senate, Dr. Vincent Biruta, said that the House is weighing all options.

Earlier this month, the senatorial standing committee on political and governance affairs summoned the party’s leader, Bernard Ntaganda, to explain his utterances in the media that hinged on ethnic division.

“One of the roles of the Senate is to follow up on the conduct of political parties in the country. I will not go into details of what that political party (PS Imberakuri) or its leaders have been saying, some of these utterances reveal politics of divisionism and are against the constitutional laws of this country,” said Biruta.

He added; “the committee on political and governance affairs is responsible for following up these concerns”.

Biruta said that PS Imberakuri is not the first political party the house has put to task. Others like the Prosperity and Solidarity Party (PSP) have also been summoned following internal wrangles within their leadership.

“We confronted these other parties and they cooperated–they came here and explained, we shared views and the issues were resolved,” said Biruta.

“For the PS Imberakuri leader, the committee kindly requested him to discuss some of the issues and he claimed that since the concerns were documented, he wanted to take time to study them.”

He emphasized that the decision whether to take PS Imberakuri to court or give it more time to come up with detailed explanations will depend on the committee’s report.

Biruta pointed out that the Senate reserves constitutional powers to sue a political party that fails to abide by the laws or preaches Genocide ideology.

If the Senate decides to drag the party to court, it will file a suit in the Supreme Court as required by the law.

Parliament last year voted a law aimed at putting a halt to Genocide revisionism, commonly referred to as ‘Genocide Ideology.’

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