By Frank Kanyesigye

EVEALED; Col. Diogene Mudenge (Photo;F.Goodman)

People, who want to set up websites with the “.rw” domain, will no longer have to go through Belgium, where the domain name is currently hosted and managed.

The national regulatory agency, Rwanda Utility Regulatory Agency (RURA) in partnership with Rwanda Information Communication Technology Association (RICTA) is set to repatriate the Web domain and manage it in Rwanda.

Addressing a meeting that brought together RURA and RICTA, the Director General of RURA, Col. Diogene Mudenge, revealed that within three months, the process of transferring the domain to Rwanda will be complete.   

“We are currently working with international organisations to make sure that the domain is repatriated and managed in Rwanda,” Mudenge said.

He commended RICTA’s efforts to boost the ICT sector in the country saying that the association was fast-tracking the creation of the ICT industry in the country.

“RICTA is moving in the right direction of being a parent to all ICT companies in Rwanda,” Mudenge said.

He urged the sector’s entrepreneurs to take advantage of the current leadership in the country to see that the country becomes an ICT hub.

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