Fans, its finally our time to wine and dine. With 92.9% of the provisional results in our Hero’s favour, our candidate has already emerged as the overall winner of the just concluded presidential race.
Yes, you’ve been awesome throughout the campaign and your high expectation has been well rewarded with this deserving RPF victory. Let’s share the fun as our role model enjoys this befitting victory. This is our sincere reward to President Paul Kagame for having a proven record as a performer and achiever.
For this strong fan base, the glory is ours for choosing wisely to support a winner. What Kagame has so far achieved for Rwanda and the region is just a starter. We’re yet to see him at his best, as he has often reminded the world.
The Fan Club extends sincere gratitude to over four million fans who have made this platform their own over the short time it has been online. You’ve indeed been supportive as Kagame geared to, entered into and accomplished the mission of winning this presidential race.
As the celebratory mood takes over, keep in mind that it’s now that our hero needs us more to boost the new phase of delivering the promise and transforming the nation.
Bravo, keep intsinzi candle burning!

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