By Edmund Kagire


The First Lady, Jeannette Kagame, surrounded by the Children at the Christmas party, yesterday. (Photo Village Urugwiro)


URUGWIRO VILLAGE – The First Lady, Jeannette Kagame, and members of Unity Club, yesterday, hosted children from various parts of the country to an annual Christmas party at Village Urugwiro.

The children, selected from all the 30 districts, were treated to a luncheon, and a multitude of games before receiving gifts from the First Lady.

In her speech, Mrs. Kagame said that the party is an initiative of the spouses of the country’s leadership to show that the government cares about its children. She noted that the festive season presents the opportunity to reach out to vulnerable children including orphans and the disabled.

“As parents representing our husbands in Unity Club, we wanted to use this opportunity to show how much we love and care for our children. We also take this opportunity to remind our children that we want them to have values and norms that define a Rwandan child,” Mrs. Kagame said.

She called on the children to grow into responsible people by observing high levels of respect for their elders and teachers who impart knowledge and skill into them on a daily basis, adding that a well behaved child is a pride to the nation.

Mrs. Kagame also urged the children to love their country, but added that the most important thing was to concentrate on their education because it paves a brighter future for them.

All the children present, walked away with a gift pack that contained a school bag, exercise books and a mathematical set.

“We could not afford to be with all children, but you represent them and you will be the ones to pass on this message of love and care,” the First Lady told the children.

She urged teachers and parents to equally share the responsibility of properly bringing up Rwandan Children.
Patience, 12, who spoke on behalf of the children, thanked the Government, and the First Lady, in particular for prioritising the needs of Rwandan children and ensuring their rights are respected.

And, for Kelly Mucyo, 10, a student of Green Hills Academy, the opportunity to mingle with other children was amazing.

“I am glad to have come here particularly to meet with children from different parts of the country and make new friends. We have different backgrounds and what is important to know is that we are all children and we were all born the same way,” Mucyo said.

“I never thought of being here and meeting all the people I have met today, including the First Lady. I have made many friends yet it is my first time to come to Kigali,” Sandrine Ntakirutimana from Nyamasheke District said.

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