imageRwandan students repatrieted from Libya honour Genocide victims yesterday ( Photo T.kisambira)


KIGALI – Rwandan students who were pursuing their studies in Libya and were repatriated following the political uprising, yesterday held a function to commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

According to one of the students, Yunus Mushumba, the students, who in the past years commemorated the Genocide at their university in Tripoli, held the function by visiting the Kigali Memorial Site and the Genocide Exhibition.

“We took the initiative because it was an opportunity for us to commemorate at home. This is the first time we are holding a commemoration in Rwanda, since we left for studies in Libya,” said Mushumba, a post graduate student.

He added that: “We normally commemorate at our school where we invite students from over 75 countries undertaking their studies at Islamic Call University.”

Mushumba challenged Rwandan youth to own their history, however, bad it may be, so that they can shape a better future for their nation.

“This is our country and our history. We should all strive to know what happened 17 years ago and ensure that nothing like that ever happens again in Rwanda, or elsewhere in the world,” he said.

Mushumba, who led the delegation of 18 students, said that they are currently in contact with fellow students back in Libya as they wait for the situation to calm down and resume studies.

Three of the students had three months left to finalise their first degree, when the uprising started.

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