Kagame: Rwanda’s visionary leader

Rwanda has learned its lessons well. The nation has been at both extremes of histories where its social fabric got fractured during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, but has now made a U-turn through a recovery process guided by good leadership.

The nation refused to be written off as a failed state and has made strides towards the better side of history. Now Rwanda has marked out its position on the world map as a nation completely focused on deciding its destiny.

We are now credited for leading the way at different fronts; women are now empowered, while the youth continue to take advantage of the conducive atmosphere to fight poverty and generate income. The private sector is also vibrant and takes full advantage of the broadened regional market, good road network and security.

What stands out most is ICT growth that continues to transform different sectors. Projects like the National Data Centre is already operational, the fiber network is in its final stages, while the One Laptop Project continues to transform lives of many children.

The good books are well kept. Rwandans recognize this tremendous recovery and salute President Paul Kagame for championing the process right from the liberation struggle to root out dictators. Indeed his legacy shall live on for decades to come.

As Rwandans go to the polls 9th August, they will be keen on maintaining and boosting the current recovery process. It’s time to prove to the cynical world this love and respect for President Paul Kagame.

You may view details of President Kagame’s campaign photostream on My Kagame Fan Club and Paul Kagame website. Also available is the candidate’s manifesto and pledges for the second term. Others are views from the fans, current news and information regarding this presidential campaign as we count days to the polling day on 9th August, 2010.

A team from Kagame Fan Club will keep you posted with live coverage right from the campaign rallies.

Posted by rwandaises.com